Author’s Bio

Mir worked over 40 years in the United States and Canada, serving the insurance, retail, banking and government industries.  After working for several companies and provincial governments in various capacities in Illinois, Ontario, New Brunswick, and Alberta, Mir started a consulting company in 1986 with the focus to provide information technology and management consulting services to the major federal departments including: Department of National Defence, The Treasury Board Canada, Transport Canada, Environment Canada, The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Public Works Government Services, Office of the Auditor General, Canada Postal Services, etc. 

Mir took early retirement in 1997 and relocated to Las Vegas where he taught computer science courses on a part-time basis at the University of Nevada and the Community College of Southern Nevada.

Mir relocated to British Columbia (Canada) in 2002 and came across a unique opportunity in 2008 to work for a real estate development company.  He worked there for a couple of years in the capacity of a Sustainability Analyst which provided him with opportunities to learn and promote the proper use of natural resources, be mindful of environmental protection, and focus on economy.  He represented the company at the local municipalities and attempted to address the environmental challenges associated with the construction industries.

In addition to holding a Ph.D. in Computer Science, and an MBA, in Electronic Banking,  Mir decided to study “Apply Ecology” at Oxford University in 2011.  This provided him with an opportunity to learn about the application of ecological principles to manage and conserve species and habitats that can take place at the local level via practical conservation and biodiversity projects.  This course explored the main ecological principles of biodiversity and extinction; communities and populations; stability, disturbance and succession; nutrient cycling; interactions with the physical environment, etc.  It demonstrated how ecosystems can be managed.

Mir published a book, Nuclear Energy: Peaceful Ways to Serve Humanity, in 2013.  He also published numerous articles on various topics related to Climate Change.

Mir relocated to Ottawa in 2013 but he spent six months each year in Las Vegas since 2011 where he taught computers to seniors.

He is totally dedicated to conducting research and publishing findings on:

  • Natural Resources: Energy, Land and Soil, Water, and Waste;
  • Environmental Protection: Transportation, Pollution, Heritage and Urban Environment, Rural and Coastal Environment, and Wild Life;
  • Social Progress: Basic Needs, Deprivation and Inequality, and Community Safety and Health;
  • Local Services: Community Involvement; and
  • Economy: The Economy, Employment, Impact on Environment and Society.

Mir also served on various professional associations and worked with Senior Groups in Henderson, Nevada.

Mir will continue to conduct research and publish articles on various topics related to climate change.