1. LEED for Core and Shell – A Smart and Fast Approach to Certification – David Gottfried, founder of the World Green Building Council and creator of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Rating System, made a powerful statement recently in Dubai when he was interviewed by the news-paper Gulf News.  He noted that buildings which do not apply themselves to the LEED Rating System will be devalued in the future;
  2. Getting A Lease on Green – Green leases could be instrumental in measuring and improving the overall performance of sustainable commercial buildings;
  3. Get Used to It – Commercial real estate executives better understand that although there is a cost associated with building green, the benefits are far greater;
  4. The Cost of Building Green – Commercial real estate executives are increasingly seeking greener office space — and are less inclined to pay premiums for it, according to a recent survey by CoreNet Global and Jones Lang LaSalle. “They are less willing to pay a premium for sustainable space because they understand that it doesn’t cost the owner more to make that space efficient,” said JLL Senior Vice President Michael Jordan;
  5. New Trends-Smaller, Affordable and Energy-Efficient Houses – The global economic downturn is a mixed blessing for home buyers — if you’re lucky enough to hang on to your job, you should be in a much better position to buy a house, according to a report released by RBC Economics. The question is: What kind of house?