This book is the result of extensive research, analysis, and editing of a huge collection of material on the subject which was published in various parts of the world.  The motivation behind these efforts was to demonstrate the proven capabilities of nuclear technologies to those who are concerned about the safety of the technology to the extent that they are prepared to ignore the mind-boggling contributions of the technology in the fields of Food and Agriculture, Human Health, Environment, etc.

Every attempt is made to support the material included in this book with proper references.


This book is dedicated to Les Bjola, Chief Executive Officer, Turner Lane Development Corporation (TLD), who inspired me in so many ways to investigate the portable applications of nuclear energy to heat/cool and light buildings that he was planning to build with the focus on safety, affordability, and carbon neutrality.  This was just a start which consecutively led me to devoting my major efforts to exploring every aspect of peaceful use of nuclear energy.


Research maybe a lonely and solitary trade but writing is not.  It is indeed a team work.  My project to publish an ebook and several articles could not have been accomplished without the support of the following:

  • My heartfelt thanks to my friend, Wayne Edwards, who was kind enough to proof-read my work in order to fact-check and correct my mistakes diligently and meticulously which helped improve the quality of my writing significantly;
  • I am grateful to Brenda Edwards for her patience and understanding about the fact that Wayne cannot be with her to spend quality time when he was assisting me with my project;
  • I cannot express enough thanks to Chris Holt who published my work on his website, Inuitech – Inuitech Technologies for Sustainability, for several years.  I want him to know that I appreciated immensely his efforts as well as his patience; and
  • Last but not least, my deepest gratitude to my caring, loving, and supportive wife for over forty years, Lynda.  It was a great comfort and relief to know that as always she was willing to continue to provide management of our household activities including the non-stop activity of making tea and sandwiches to feed me in between meals  while I was deeply involved with my research.