1. Nuclear Energy: Small Modular Reactors (SMR): Greentech Media reported that the nuclear industry is heading into 2021 with increased optimism around small modular reactors (SMR) after a series of policy initiatives that were announced worldwide in recent weeks. The U.S., U.K. and Canada, three major nuclear markets, all signaled growing support for SMR in the closing weeks of 2020. 
  2. Nuclear Terrorism: Nuclear terrorism is defined as the use of a nuclear stratagem to cause enormous desolation or the use or threat to deploying fissionable radioactive materials against civilians in order to attain goals that are either political, ideological or religious;
  3. Nuclear Deal: Scope and Expectations – Part 1: The White House was desperately trying to contain a congressional revolt against its tentative nuclear deal with Iran, amid concern that hardliners in Washington could sink the agreement before it has even been finalized. Republicans and some Democrats are demanding a say over the framework agreement, which would drastically cut Tehran’s nuclear program in return for relief of sanctions that have crippled the Iranian economy. Barack Obama, who has called several key legislators over the last 24 hours to convince them of the merits of the deal outlined in Switzerland, insists it will cut off every pathway that Iran could take to a nuclear weapon, and avoids a military conflict;
  4. Nuclear Deal: Convictions and Commitments – Part 2: As a quick background, negotiations began in 2003 with European states in which Iran offered to limit its capacity to 3,000 centrifuges if its right to enrichment was recognized. The deal collapsed by 2005 and there was no sign of compromise for the next eight years, as the international community ratcheted up sanctions and Iran responded defiantly by expanding its nuclear programme, moving from production of low-enriched uranium to 20 percent-enriched uranium, a major step towards the capacity to make weapons-grade fissile material;
  5. Nuclear Deal: Enrichment and  Sanctions – Part 3: Iran always claimed that it has the right to nuclear energy like any other country in the world and maintained that its nuclear program is purely and exclusively for peaceful purposes. However, the world powers always suspected that Iran has not been honest about its nuclear program, believing that Iran was acquiring the ability to build a nuclear bomb;
  6. Nuclear Deal: Hypocrisy and Obsession – Part 4: While every country participated in the negotiation with Iran deserve to be venerated for the breakthrough, negotiators from the US and Iran are faced with implausible political realities in their countries to sell the deal. It appears as the US Congress is desperately seeking ways in the name of control to sabotage the deal. Even though millions around the world were pleasantly astonished with the conditions that were accepted by Iran, some Republicans have argued Iran has received too many concessions and accuse the White House of not consulting with Congress, especially if sanctions are involved;
  7. Nuclear Deal:  GCC Summit at Camp David – Part 5:In addition to dealing with ruthless US Legislators who are totally determined to sabotage the nuclear deal with Iran and putting up with an obsessive Israeli Prime Minster (PM) who is absolutely dedicated to destroying the immense efforts invested in the deal by the world powers, President Obama has to find ways to address the resentment and antagonism of Arab leaders who were very quick to express deep concern over the nuclear deal;
  8. Nuclear Energy: Critical to Building a Low-Carbon Economy in the UK:  In spite of abundant UK renewable resource, as regards wind; marine; and solar, the current share of renewables in the UK energy mix represents only 3 percent whereas the share of nuclear energy for decarbonizing electricity generation in the UK jumped to almost 18 percent in 2009 from 13 percent in 2008;
  9. Nuclear Energy-Safe, Clean and Affordable – In these days of climate change and energy crisis, it’s too bad that the word “Nuclear” has a connotation that brings back memories about the nuclear disaster of Chernobyl and the near miss of Three Mile Island.  People are rightfully scared of potential accidents and the proliferation of nuclear weapons even though it has been proven that those accidents were the result of mismanagement.